About Us

EV is an EdTech focused ecosystem based in Delhi India, focusing on investment, incubation, growth and market access for education Startups across India and abroad.

We believe that access to customers is as important as capital for startups. We help them achieve that through Auro Scholar, the world's 1st micro scholarship programme aimed at encouraging Indian students to improve their learning continuously by authenticating their learning levels.

An initiative by Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry, which has a 60+ year legacy and 300+ centres around the world. The Society has a deep focus on Education Transformation, in addition to multiple other social objectives. Zero Investment Innovation in Education Initiatives (ZIIEI) is the flagship non-profit Education Reform programme of the Society and runs across 30+ Indian states & UTs in 3 Lakh schools and covers 2 million school teachers, with 30 million school kids as eventual beneficiaries.

Our Philosophy

Human potential for intiative, thought, discovery and innovation is limitless. Edupreneur Village aims to discover and nurture this raw potential and convert it into individual excellence of young minds. This individual excellence in turn will transform collective consciousness of education and learning ecosystem.


Equity Funding

Investment/ Co-Investment of INR 0.5 - 2.5 Cr in high potential EdTech startups


Access to market by partnering with Auro Scholar, programme of Sri Aurobindo Society

Grant capital

Grant by Sri Aurobindo Society to encourage startups in their mission

Education Entrepreneurship Programme

3 month step-by-step programme to help Idea-stage and early stage education entrepreneurs with a robust EdTech Business Plan, get Investment Ready & connect with Investors

Investor Connect

Through Final Battle, an Shark Tank like event for EdTech startups


In-house incubation located in the heart of Delhi

Our Investments & Partnerships
Auro Scholar

Micro Scholarship program aimed at encouraging Indian students to improve their learning continuously by authenticating their learning levels, thereby creating mass incentives to learn.


AI enabled instant doubt resolution and 24x7 available personalized tutoring platform.

Don't Memorise

Creating & licensing High quality curriculum aligned video content.

Quiz Next

Gamified practice platform that engages and motivates students to practice using game elements.


Online multilingual learning platform with content library, practice questions & activities for students.


A signal processing music learning platform with AI and ML engine with curated content to learn Hindustani, Carnatic and Western classical musical styles.


Concept based learning approach with personalised feedback to aspiring JEE & NEET students.

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