About Us

Edupreneur Village is an early stage EdTech focused VC Fund, situated in Delhi India and started in 2018. Not only do we invest in EdTechstartups, we provide them all the support it takes to reach Series A stage. This includes mentoring startups and working with the startup founders to create an investible business plan, pitches deck and in-depth Information Books to make them investment ready and help make presence through the massive education ecosystem we have.

Eduprenuer Village is backed by Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry, which has a 60+ year legacy and 300+ centres around the world. The Society has a deep focus on Education Transformation, in addition to multiple other social objectives. Zero Investment Innovation in Education Initiatives (ZIIEI) is the flagship non-profit Education Reform programme of the Society and runs across 22+ Indian states in 3 Lac schools and covers 1.5 mn school teachers, with 30 million school kids as eventual beneficiaries.

We believe that having customers is as important as capital for start-ups. Along with providing capital, we give startups access to a large pool of customers through Auro Scholar, world's 1st Micro Scholarship programme, aimed at encouraging Indian students to improve their learning continuously.

Our Philosophy

Human potential for intiative, thought, discovery and innovation is limitless. Edupreneur Village aims to discover and nurture this raw potential and convert it into individual excellence of young minds. This individual excellence in turn will transform collective consciousness of education and learning ecosystem.


Equity Funding

Investment of INR 50 Lacs to 1.5 Cr in early stage high potential Ed-Tech start-ups


Partnering with Auro Scholar to get benefitted through the massive education ecosystem

Grant capital

Grant by Sri Aurobindo Society to encourage early stage startups in their mission

Funding Marathon

Investment marathon for aspiring and early stage EdTech Entrepreneurs addressing the core problems in the EdTech Sector

The Final Battle

Shark Tank like event with a LIVE investment panel of wide range of investors in EdTech space

Business Plan

Guidance on how to create an investible Business Plan

Accelerator / Incubator

In-house Incubation Center located in the heart of Delhi, near IIT-Delhi

Our Investments

As a new Edtech fund, Edupreneur recently invested INR 1.25 Cr in Scholr, a disruptive Artificial Intelligence App for instant doubt resolution for school students


Created a Grant Fund of $ 1 mn, called Education Innovation Fund for India (EIFI) with Sri Aurobindo Society and HP to fund 18 Innovative Education Initiatives across India

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